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The Inventor known as “Black Edison”

“I believe I can do anything if I just try.” -Granville T. Woods Granville Thomas Woods was known as the “Black Edison.” He was the first Black American mechanical and electrical engineer after the Civil War and invented over 60 patents in the United States.   Woods dedicated his life to developing a variety of inventions […]

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Episode 52: The Importance of the Black Church Past and Present

Hey everybody, welcome to Tellers of the Untold I’m Vanessa. And this week in happy Black History Month. And happy snow day if you had snow like we did here in Chicago. But today for this episode, I interviewed a pastor and asked him information regarding the importance of the black church. Also a little […]

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How Harriet Tubman used “Wade in the Water” to help slaves escape

Singing as a form of communication is deeply rooted in the Black culture. Negro Spirituals are considered the first distinctive music genre of African people in the American diaspora.  However, It started with the slaves from Africa who were kidnapped and violently put on ships across the Atlantic during the Middle Passage. Slaves from different […]

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A Brief History behind Black History Month

February is known as the black history month where African Americans get embraced. Important figures in African American history made America what it is today. As you celebrate this month, are you aware of where it all began or the reason? Apparently, black people had no place in society. The founding father of black history […]

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Past, Present and Future of the Black Community

An interview with black seniors Host Hey, everybody, welcome to Tellers of the untold I’m Vanessa, your host again this week. And today, which is the month of oil in Black History Month, we are having a special episode on our podcast. And that special episode is where and this didn’t happen during COVID. So […]

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Why is Black History Important for Everyone to Know?

Podcast Notes Hey, everybody, welcome to Telos of the untold I’m Vanessa, your host today. Anyways, um, so this episode is focused on the month of February, February being Black History Month. Well, and, you know, although is Black History Month, as you notice from my podcast, my website, my film that we should be, […]

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A Former Sheriff discusses the Code of Racism in the Justice System.

PODCAST NOTES Hey, everybody, welcome to tellers of the untold I’m Vanessa. It is the end of January and a lot is going on in this country. But today, for our episode, before black history, we just had Martin Luther King Day. kind of excited for this this month I’m trying to make I’m trying […]

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11 Unknown Facts About MLK Jr.

Host Speaker 0:13Hey, hey, hey, this is Vanessa and welcome to tellers of the untold I again, I think I just said it. But I’m Vanessa, your host. And today’s topic or this week’s topic is related to who other than Martin Luther King Jr, the, the one of the only people that people that […]

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“Watch Night” -History, Tradition, and Facts

The Black abolitionist journalist William Cooper Nell described New Year’sYear’s Day, January 1 in black history, to be widely known as “Hiring Day” or Heartbreak Day.” On this day, enslaved people spent New Year’sYear’s Eve waiting, wondering if their owners were going to rent them out to someone else, which would include the possibility of splitting up […]